Why Africa?

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May 5, 2018
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July 6, 2018

Why Africa?

What draws one to Africa? Is it the call of the wild Fish Eagle…the rolling savannah framed by the distant mountains silhouetted against the African sunset…..the wild bush, its sounds and inhabitants…the sense of adventure…the smell of the African rain…or is it all in one…the soul of Africa?

The feeling is difficult to describe because one can’t really put into words such a powerful unknown force that keeps bringing you back.

Africa is not perfect in any way and is not to be measured against first world countries but does that matter and is it not part of its magnetic pull and character?  When visiting or traveling to this continent would it not be wise to leave those first world expectations behind….. surely then your experience would be more relaxing…and much more enjoyable. Let the fact that the roads are dusty and full of potholes, the WiFi and network dodgy, the timeless watches irrelevant, the traffic crazy always and the shopping limited become insignificant in your world…just for a while…you’ll see, it’s not that bad and really it pulls you back a little…sometimes we need that in our lives.

So if you’ve never been to Africa, come…come to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa where smiles are a standard facial expression, beautiful scenic landscapes the wallpaper and the culture and wildlife the priceless encounters…all this……is the reason why.

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