Wheeling & Dealing Around Uganda

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Wheeling & Dealing Around Uganda

Wheeling & Dealing Around Uganda

Welcome to Uganda!

And indeed you will be welcomed by many smiles from the friendly people of this East African country. We thought we’d share a few travel tips with you on getting around here.

Two very important things to bear in mind when planning your travels to this country and they are to make sure you have your entry visa and any relevant documents organized and be vaccinated for Yellow Fever! Of course you should have your malaria meds with you.

If you want to exchange currency it is probably a good idea to do so at the airport but make sure you are aware of the current exchange rate at the time. If you need a sim card on arrival these can also be obtained from here. On exiting the airport there will be many eager taxi drivers waiting if not already prearranged.

There are many ways of getting around Uganda but before we list them just be prepared that going from A to B can be very time consuming depending on times of the day you travel. When setting appointment/meeting times always factor in the traffic congestion.

Self Drive – have your own domestic license which is acceptable for up to three months or an International Driving Permit valid for a year.

Always make sure you have a first-aid kit, oil and spare petrol to travel at least a couple hundred kilometers. In the unfortunate event of an accident either with a person or livestock it is advisable not to stop but continue if possible to the nearest police station.

Buses – bus services do cover all main routes and relatively speaking are probably the safest form of public transport.

Minibus-taxis – these also cover major routes and although faster than the buses the drivers can be more reckless.

Shared taxis – these generally are saloon cars and have their own routes that attract insufficient human traffic for minibuses. They can be overcrowded and the drivers have a tendency to overcharge tourists so always establish a price beforehand.

Special hire – hiring a private vehicle or taxi to take you somewhere. This is a good way to get around. Always ask for recommendations and bargain hard.

Boda-boda & bicycle taxi – these are one of the most common and quickest ways of getting around in Uganda. These riders are however lacking in formal training, road safety and a law unto their own so when choosing one try to select an older sensible looking operator as opposed to a 16yr old. Never be afraid to tell them to slow down or even stop for you to get off if you feel uncomfortable.

Lastly there is a service called the Pineapple Express which is relatively reliable, safe and inexpensive. They run a route from Entebbe to Kampala, Jinja and back. They are well recommended by travelers who have used their services.

Of course if you are stuck without transport we can always put you up in one of our guesthouse rooms at Gately Inn Entebbe!

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