What is your Aperture?

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February 20, 2018
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May 5, 2018

What is your Aperture?

What kind of photographer are you?



What makes photography so interesting other than the actual image itself is the photographer……the kind of person they are and what they’re trying to tell you with their photos. Perhaps there is no story at all and it’s just a pretty picture for décor purposes. There are so many styles in the mix whether it’s on an amateur or a professional level.


Where is your focus?


Do you take photography seriously or is it a hobby for you and would it really make a difference because you’re doing it out of passion surely and that’s all that matters! There are many categories in photography for example portrait, travel, landscape, wildlife, animal, sports, nature, black and white to name a few and then there is photography that tells a story whether it be a realistic situation reflecting sad, happy, eventful or even horrific circumstances. People will love or hate your photography, compliment or criticize it but if you’re happy it portrays what you want it to then that’s the most important thing.

Some people believe the more advanced the equipment the better the image however this is not always the case – if you catch your subject at the right time in the right place the best equipment is what you are holding at that very moment! If it’s not perfect there is always photo shop to do a little touching up but personally… keeping your photo as natural as possible is best. Life is a mixture of experiences, some better than others, just like people. Looking at some images, we could easy lose perspective by seeing them as just images on a screen, we need to view them with eyes open.


We invite you to share some of your photos with us and include a little blurb about them like what motivated you to capture the image and what it means to you specifically. If you have any photos of your stay at either one of our Gately Uganda Boutique Hotels please do send them in also as you could win a dinner for two!



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