Uganda – not only the land of Gorillas

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July 6, 2018

Uganda – not only the land of Gorillas

Uganda has many attractions ranging from gorillas, wildlife, National Parks, the Nile River, crater lakes and one can go on and on but there is also a very large quantity of water called Lake Victoria which is one of the largest in this country.

Lake Victoria other than providing the Uganda’s main source of food and mode of transport it also provides many a secluded island getaway for not only residents but also tourists. The Ssesse Island archipelago is made up of 84 islands on the lake and about forty-three of the islands are inhabited. The islands vary in size from less than 10,000 square meters, to over 40 kilometers in length for the largest island, Buggala

Quite a few of these islands have guesthouses, resorts or hotels. There are various options in getting to them and they are either the available passenger/car ferry, private boat charters or the resort/hotel you’re heading to may provide their own speedboat at a fee of course.

Boasting white beaches, palm trees, birdlife and tranquility at it’s best these islands surrounded by beautiful blue waters are just stunning! As inviting as it looks one has to be cautious and make sure there are no wondering hippos or crocs in the area….probably best to keep to the swimming pools! There are so many activities to keep you busy such as birding, hiking, cycling, fishing, lake cruising..…..or you can just relax and soak up the sunshine and beautiful surrounds.

Next time you travel to Uganda why not contact us at Gately Tours, we can certainly arrange a little island hopping for you.


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