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February 20, 2018


Already ten days into 2018 and the question is – how are your commitments going and have you started yet….or stopped already?


It would appear that New Years resolutions have been in existence for a long time and although the exact date unknown there is a quote taken from the Miriam Webster dictionary giving us an idea:

A 1671 entry from the diaries of Anne Halkett, a writer and member of the Scottish gentry, contains a number of pledges, typically taken from biblical verses such as “I will not offend any more”. Halkett titled this page “Resolutions”, and wrote them on January 2nd, which would possibly indicate that the practice was in use at the time, even if people did not refer to it as a New Year’s resolution.”


Every New Year signifies a new beginning and considered the time to set new goals and change things for the positive in one’s life. It arouses a desire of replenishment and renewal of our minds and bodies and for a better lifestyle. It’s always advisable to set realistic New Year’s resolutions and goals as it’s the most effect and simple way to make things happen and here are some tips to help achieve these:

  • have a plan 0n how to achieve your goals
  • implement the first step and analyze
  • check if any changes are required
  • set reasonable targets that can be achieved without compromising too much


Resolutions vary from person to person but here are a few suggestions:

  • go away on holidays more often with family or on your own
  • devote more time to yourself and your loved ones
  • exercise regularly
  • learn something new
  • pay off a debt
  • give back to society
  • get your life organized
  • quit any bad habits you may have
  • take time to appreciate the simple things in life
  • take time to listen to others
  • be with people who make you happy
  • let go of the negative in your life
  • make up a bucket list
  • put Uganda on that list!

Start tomorrow if you haven’t already…a new day…a new way…’s never too late!

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