Entebbe Botanical Gardens

The gardens are within walking distance from Gately Inn Entebbe accommodation. The botanical gardens were established in 1898 and are home to over 320 varieties of exotic plant species and an abundance of birdlife and mammals. This beautiful rainforest zone was used in the original ‘Tarzan’ film in 1940.


Uganda Wildlife Education Center

Entebbe Zoo

Also within walking distance from Gately Inn is UWEC which is a centre for breeding, recuperation and rehabilitation of Ugandan animals that have been rescued from poachers and illegal traders or from injury in their habitats. These animals are released back into the wild when possible by UWEC who also work to educate the people of Uganda about the importance of our local animals and conservation. Enquire at reception for more information on the activities offered at the centre.


Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary

Founded by Jane Goodall in 1998 this island is a refuge for over 45 rescued chimpanzees. There are various options for trips to and experiences on the island. Packed lunches for your trip can be supplied on request.


Mabamba Swamp Wetlands

Mabamba Swamp

Mabamba Swamp is one of the best places in Uganda to spot the highly sought-after shoebill in its natural habitat. Regularly featured on tourism brochures are these appealingly rare birds with their pre-historic features and oversized yellow bill. Bird watching here is archived mostly by a canoe, where you’ll navigate waterways comprising lily pads and papyrus swamp. Amongst the 260 species in the region, other notable birds include the papyrus yellow warbler, pallid harrier and blue swallow.

Half day trips can be organised to visit the Entebbe Mabamba Swamp and surrounding islands in search of the most sought after Shoebill Stork.


Entebbe 18-Hole Golf Course

Entebbe Golf Course

The course is playable all year round.The club also features two tennis courts, one basketball court and a cricket oval. Indoor games include badminton, darts and snooker. Entebbe Golf Course is regarded as one of the best courses in East Africa, and within Uganda the course is vying with the Kampala course for Number 1 status.

Other Activities