Entebbe Airport Hotel With a Natural Feel

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April 2, 2018
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Entebbe Airport Hotel With a Natural Feel

Entebbe Airport Hotel - Gately inn Entebbe Hotel Accommodation - Bed and Breakfast

Are you looking for an Entebbe Airport Hotel that you can access easily before or after your Entebbe International Airport Flight?

Well, you made it to this page.

Located just off the main airport drive and 4 minutes from the airport, Gately Inn Entebbe is a favourite among business and safari travelers that want easy and quick access to an Entebbe Airport Hotel.

You may want to refresh after or before your flight, take a cup of coffee, relax in the open lounge and make a few calls. The perfect space to prepare for your Uganda Safari journey up on the countryside and a warm place to meet up with your colleagues or business partners just before or after you flight.

Gately Inn Entebbe is setup with a warn natural and rustic feel to evoke that lost touch you have with nature. Eco friendly is our middle name, so we try to avoid anything that destroys the environment.

Gately’s closeness to the Airport also places it near major sites like the president’s home, UWA Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Entebbe Golf Course and Major shopping malls like one right opposite Gately, Imperial Mall. You may have spare time to stroll and enjoy all these places within walking distance.

Gately Inn is your perfect choice for an Entebbe Airport Hotel.


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  1. Jose says:

    Nice place and rooms, soon am recommending you my honeymooners,

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