Birdlife Abounds at Gately Inn Entebbe

Gately Uganda, A Top Boutique Hotel
Gately Uganda, A Top Boutique Hotel
July 28, 2017
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August 15, 2017

Birdlife Abounds at Gately Inn Entebbe

Gately Inn Entebbe Bird Life

Beware – Feathered Content!

If there is one thing we have in abundance at our hotel here in Uganda it’s the variety of exotic birdlife. From the Black and White Casqued hornbills (our early morning wake up call) to the soothing cooing of the beautiful Great Blue Turaco, our guests are simply awed by the morning chorus that emanates from our canopy of trees not to mention the flutter through our restaurant all day long.

One of our guest birders claimed 53 species alone in our garden just a few days ago. We were lucky enough to also spot a Goshawk having a meal on a branch then raiding a sunbird nest for seconds. The little sunbirds do seem to have a torrid time with their larger feathered friends as their nests are continuously at the mercy of many other species including the hornbills. Then there is the Open-billed Stork who is always popping in for a meal of ‘escargot’ and very noisy at it too whilst rolling the resident garden snails from our rooftops.

Our feature water fountain in the restaurant attracts many smaller birdlife species from the brightly coloured Gonaleks, Fire Finches, Sunbirds and Robin Chats to the White-Eyes and Common Bulbuls among so many others. We cannot leave out the surrounding perimeter trees which often host passing Pelicans flocks and provide good nesting for the opportunistic Marabou Storks. Of course there is also the resident Woodland Kingfisher who has taken up home in one of the wooden electricity poles and provides one of the first highly pitched morning calls.

It’s an absolute pleasure sitting on our terrace or your private balcony witnessing the variety of birdlife that frequent our property from morning to dusk and to hear the majestic Fish Eagles calling from the thermals above.

If you’re a traveler or tourist needing a room or just a cup of coffee in our lush tropical surrounds do drop in and experience the wonder all for yourself.



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