September 6, 2017
September 25, 2017


Murchison Falls National Park Lions

Kidepo Valley National Park


Do you remember watching African adventure movies many years ago where adventurers would lead expeditions into unchartered African territory either in search of gold and diamonds, or to explore a land where no white westerners had been before? If you don’t, with its rolling savannah grassland, scattered patches of forest, rocky out crops and woodland the Kidepo National Park will certainly paint a picture for you.

In our opinion this park is one of the best in Uganda. Although the journey is long by road it is extremely rewarding. This spectacular wilderness offers a wide variety of predators, monkeys, reptiles, many antelope species some of which are not found elsewhere in Uganda and approximately 500 species of bird including those regarded as Kidepo specials.


Not only is the diversity of fauna and flora an attraction to this region but also the culture. The Morungole Mountains are home to the Ik tribe known as the Mountain People of Uganda. This small isolated tribe has a maximum of 11,000 members, who survive on farming, goat and honey production. You’ll also find the Karamoja tribe who are semi nomadic and cattle keepers in this North Eastern area of Uganda.

A trip to this park will certainly enhance your experience of Uganda. From the abundance of wildlife to interacting with and learning about the diverse cultures within you’ll create memories that will last forever.


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